Functional Fitness Equipment Market – High Prevalence of Obesity and CVD Propelling Growth

The fitness industry is growing and the pace of growth is notable. As it matures, players are seen vying for a larger share of the market. And, some of the measures taken by them are leading to consolidation. It is of utmost important to note here that many drivers and trends are lining the landscape, helping the market take on an enviable growth curve over the next few years.


A very notable factor that is contributing massively to the growth of this market is growing need for strength and functional training. World over, an ever-increasing number of people are taking to the fitness trend with great enthusiasm. Gym memberships are rising and so are sports and related activities. While the former requires functional fitness equipment directly, the latter requires it indirectly by creating demand for functional training for better performance.


The increase in such participation is for multiple reasons. One of these is notable increase in incidence of cardiovascular disorders.  The magnitude of impact is humungous too. World over about 17.9 million people are dying of this medical challenge every year.  It is an outcome of poor lifestyle. With a large number of people leading unmarried, single lives or those experiencing a dual-income family-set-ups, increase in occasions of eating out and eating fast food often is being noticed. Besides, lifestyle has grown increasingly sedentary for a significant number of people. The management of this menace requires exercise as a measure.


Furthermore, obesity is also a major factor that is driving the market upward. Poor dietary habits are leading people to health issues and this is driving market for functional and strength training. It is quite important to note here that in the year 2016, 1.9 billion people in the adults category weighed more than what’s considered normal and healthy. 650 million people among these fell into the obese category.


North America and Europe to be Dominant Global Functional Fitness Equipment Market over the Next Few Years


The coming decade will be marked by a marked increase in demand for functional fitness equipment. And, in the market landscape, North America and Europe would hold a sizeable share of the overall growth. Multiple factors will help the regions claim dominance. 


Some of the prominent ones include high disposable incomes which make equipment as well memberships to health and fitness clubs affordable. Additionally, due to increase in incidence of lifestyle related diseases, more and more people are participating in physical fitness programs and activities. 

Therefore, it will not be wrong to say that growing awareness regarding health and fitness and aggression shown by market players to launch better and more efficient products are major growth propellers in the regional functional fitness market. It is also worth noting here that some of the strongest players operate in the North American and European region.


However, it is also very important to note here that the Asia Pacific (APAC) region is set to lead the market forward by generating a slew of new and gainful opportunities. Players operating in the global functional fitness equipment market, therefore, have a sharp eye on the market landscape.


Global Functional Fitness Equipment Market to Witness a Fragmented and Competitive Market over the Forecast Period


A fairly large number of companies are operating in the vendor landscape of global functional fitness equipment market, making it fragmented. However, competition is intense as a major difference is created only by technology and marketing initiatives. It is pertinent to note here that both the organic and the inorganic strategy types are employed in the market to achieve growth related goals.


Some of the most prominent brands that have marked the landscape so far and are driving the market on an upward growth trajectory over the coming few years with their proactive growth measures are ICON Health & Fitness, Inc., Brunswick Corporation, Johnson Health Tech Co., Ltd., Technogym S.p.A, Amer Sports Corporation, Nautilus, Inc., Core Health and Fitness, LLC, TRUE Fitness Technology, Inc., Impulse (Qingdao) Health Tech Co., Ltd., and Torque Fitness, LL, among others.

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